Step 1: Your Initial Consultation
Initial consultations are
FREE. Dr. Yarbrough will perform an oral examination of the patient and discuss treatment options. A treatment coordinator will assist you in selecting your appliances, setting up your future appointments and arranging appropriate pre-orthodontic dental care. Your financial coordinator will discuss the different payment options which may include extended payment packages, insurance assignments, and multi-family member plans.

Step 2: Appointment for Diagnostic Records

Impressions are taken for dental molds during the diagnostic records appointment. We also take a series of photographs of the patient and his or her teeth. These records help the doctor to confirm the clinical diagnosis and provide information about the health of the patient's teeth and their supporting structures.

Step 3: Braces Day
This is the day that the appliances that the patient has selected are placed on the teeth. This is a painless procedure that requires only about an hour to complete. After the braces are applied, the patient is instructed on how to take care of them. Oral hygiene instructions are given and each patient receives a special care package containing items to promote good oral hygiene and assist in their adjustment to braces.

Step 4: Active Treatment
In the active phase most patients are seen every 4 - 8 weeks. During these visits the the Doctor examines the patient's teeth, evaluates his or her progress, and determines future treatment. A patient can expect to have their orthodontic wires changed periodically, and will wear orthodontic elastics and other auxiliary appliances as required. During these visits patients can select various colored modules which attach the wires to the orthodontic brackets.

Step 5: Appliance Removal
When treatment is completed the appliances are removed and orthodontic retainers are placed. The patient is instructed on the proper placement and care of the retainers. Retainers are required to ensure that the patient’s teeth are maintained in their new position for an extended period of time. Retainers are typically worn full time for several months, night time for several months and then several nights a week for years. Retainers also come in a variety of colors and designs.


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